American Honey Movie Analysis

The best phrase to sum up American honey might be: “I desire America.” “American Honey” may be a film that pulls an audience “like America” ​​by dancing with the protagonist’s star (Sasha Lane) during a stolen car.
film; a bunch of kids trying to create a living by occurring tour and selling magazines, and trying to point out us this “preparation” during the trip and within 163 minutes of the film, and this experience prevents us from witnessing it. “comfortably”. within the opening chapter, does Star “make a living” collecting trash and should there be “promotional items”? within the mall he saw, this was his meeting with a gaggle of youngsters – the foremost famous was Jack (Shiye LeBeouf) – we knew he wanted to be “one of his fathers” and he was here. Andrea Arnold (Andrea Arnold) of course, this offers us the paradox of whether our father may be a stepmother or ourselves. This makes us wonder if the uncertainty of “The America you see” means they were harassed and left our two brothers to their mother, which is that the same as our adolescent children. We saw our mother singing a rustic song in mourning for the Vietnam.
Actually, the Malik-like journey of hysteria between us and therefore the interstellar couple has begun. there’s also a parallel story on the soundtrack of the movie. the first soundtrack begins with “We found love”. a bunch of teenagers who have not dreamed, never dreamed, like R&B, Rap, Pop, Country, etc. The film soundtrack remains trying to “feel like America.” aside from Arnold, Star, Jake and Krystal, other characters don’t seem to be crowded. We don’t understand the looks of leaders to some extent. They “become ambiguous” about their superiority in school status, then become insignificant. Up. . i feel this is often a conscious choice, and a few screen reviewers think it’s a flaw. Arnold defeated those that could never dream, Darth Vaders, people who harbor evil and goodness, people who cannot share homosexual desires within the “free” group, those that pursue the tiny The invisibility of individuals “doing his job” within the passenger cabin. and people who have suffered violence from their parents for creating “others” invisible.
once we meet a game, we want stars, on the road, within the endless heat, within the truck, in Krystal, maybe within the American way. -Emphasize the category advantage of the celebrities. Managers, workers, free markets, oil, money, life stories form up the story of selling this magazine that has never been read or maybe read. These stories unfold after “do it anyway”, masturbation, Forced to participate in cowboy entertainment activities, the suburbs are gone, there’s no money to shop for magazines, there’s no export. the recent dance of “We Find Love” is reflected in Krystal’s accent.
It seems that something is going on all the time, and Andrea Arnold manages to remain alert. Westerner-the man in denim clothes made us uneasy because he was upset by Star’s “rape”, highway accident, truck driver’s inconvenience and blatant resilience. what’s going to happen within the dream naturally shows true of abandoned children within the empty refrigerator within the suburbs where cocaine obsessed mothers live.
Realism runs through the lens of the movie. He showed us the employment of sunshine in tunnel crossings, prairie, cars, tunnel crossings, prairie, cars, which made us unable to feel sad for the group of kids in his previous movie; tank Wuthering Heights-true simplicity and Hug you realistically.
it’s necessary to say the connection between film and nature. The star pays tribute to the imagination/friendship of adolescents, and also the animals and animals seen in every corner play a very important role within the ending. The star’s pronounced “out of the water” may be a return to nature and to oneself. The escape feels very American, like escaping into the forest.
“American Honey” is one in all the simplest movies in recent years, witnessing us just like the u. s., stagnant trucks, Trump’s America, the liberty of capitalism to lie, to youth who take advantage of sex, alcohol, and medicines Exploitation of individuals. a gaggle of three can now not realize their dreams.

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