Ad Astra Movie Review

Fortunately, we see space adventure films produced by prestigious, high-budget directors almost each year, especially after the success of Gravity in 2013. the most recent example of those films, Ad Astra, has aroused great excitement among fans of the genre. From the resignation stage, especially the announcement that Brad Pitt will take the initiative. After the inauguration of the Venice festival, it finally entered the horizon of our country. “Ad Astra,” directed by James Gray, was also written by James Gray and Ethan Gross. the most characters during this film are Brad Pitt, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland, Tommy Lee Jones, and Li Liv Taylor. His father Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones) became an astronaut under the identity of Roy McBride (Brad Pitt). He himself was a brave person. a good cold-blooded astronaut, he dedicated his life to a project to search out alien creatures (Lima Project) thanks to this project, Roy never returned from the trip when he was a young person. The Spacecom Space Center believed that the explosive energy that caused the chaos and death of the globe came from his feza vehicle, so Roy was sent to Neptune to speak together with his father and avoided him. Although Roy was surprised to be told that his father might still be alive, he accepted the role and kicked off his adventure within the depths of space.

Ad Astra was originally a road movie. Roy’s ongoing journey from the planet to the Moon, Mars, so to Neptune, trying to look at the changes in his soul, the injuries in his heart, and most significantly, how his anger at leaving his father affected his life . . But his approach is extremely superficial. First of all, Roy is that the only 1 on this trip. Unfortunately, he learned to be a colonel (Donald Sutherland) who was friends together with his father, neither his ex-wife (Leif Taylor) who left the planet nor Helen (Ruth Nega) who met on Mars weren’t. Sub-characters with time and depth that affect the flow of the film or Roy’s spiritual journey. . this example resulted within the film being unable to determine a serious role-based conflict for pretty much the whole duration of the film. Likewise, the events that Roy went through during the journey and also the events that happened to him are removed from providing a subtext, guiding him on a spiritual journey and reworking him within the style of appearance and disappearance. The movie seems to own created the decision for help, the explore for Mars, and therefore the conflict screams to extend the action and make Roy more boring.

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